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Air Filter Testing Rig for Gas Turbine Filter & Automobiles
 Description : These test rigs are designed for carrying out  filter testing for  flow rate against pressure drop characteristics,  filtering  efficiency and life characteristics. These test rigs are  offered to  suit specific requirements.
 This machine Air Filter Testing Rig for Automobiles & Gas  Turbine  Filter as per Aremco Standard.
Oil Filter Testing Rig
 Model: DI/OFTR/BS Standard
 Uses: This oil filter testing rig is manufactured according to BS  specifications for tests the spin-on oil filter for compression  ignition engines. It give life test, flow and Pressure rate and  filtering efficiency.
Fuel Filter Testing Rig
 Model: DI/FFTR/ ISI Standard
 Uses: Our Fuel Filter Testing Rig is manufactured according to  ISI specifications for tests on diesel engine fuel filters for  compression ignition engines. It give Life Test, Flow and  Pressure Rate and filtering efficiency . A number of valves are  provided for controlling at different stages which can be seen in  the fitted manometer.
Micron Testing Equpments
 Model: DI/MTM
 Uses :
This testing machines are used for test the mine pore  and max pore in filter paper dry and wet both
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