1 Filter Manufacturing Unit
2 Assembly Line
3 Testing Section
4 Painting Section
5 S.P.M. Machines
Hot Plate - Table Type
 Size of Table  24" x 30" x 30"
 Size of Top Plate 24" x 30" x 5/8" M.S.
 Air Heater for Bottom Plate 6 pcs. of 1 K.W. each
 Temperature Gauge  Provides 0° C to 500° C
 Top Easily Adjustable  Plates  with Screws 0" to 12"
 Weight 500 kgs.
 Structure Frame of mild steel angles.
Hot Plate - Conveyor Type
 Description : As per customer requirement
Conveyorised Oven for Filter Paper & PVC Adhesive
 Description : As per customer requirement
GT Filter Assembly conveyor
 Uses : conveyorised assembly line for gas turbine air filters. It
 is use for moving the filter as per require speed.
P.V.C Adhesive Pre-curing Oven
 Model: DI/PVCAO/300mm/600mm/1000mm width
 Uses: This machine use for pre-curing the P.V.C Adhesive in  cap and filter paper.
Curing Ovan
 Description: This curing oven is Conveyorised being used for  curring the filter paper directly from the pleating Machine & Paint  components & P.V.C. Adhesive bake. Length of Machine as per  requirement. All side Covered with glass wool 3" Thick with  C.R.C.A Sheet 18 S.W.G. 20 S.W.G
 Models DI/CO610 DI/CO1000 DI/CO1210
 Length 15ft 15ft 20ft
 Width 610mm 1000mm 1210mm
 Motor & R.D. Gears 1 H.P. 1 H.P. 1.5 H.P.
 Heater 24 K.W. 30 K.W. 371/2 K.W.
 Air Brake Contactor 4 Pcs. 5 Pcs. 6 Pcs.
 Thermostat 4 Pcs. 5 Pcs. 6 Pcs.
 Digital Heating Controller 2 2 2
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