1 Filter Manufacturing Unit
2 Assembly Line
3 Testing Section
4 Painting Section
5 S.P.M. Machines
Base Paper (Filter) impregnation coating plant
 Model: DI/FPICP/1000mm width
 Model: DI/FPICP/1550mm width
 Model: DI/FPICP/2000mm width
 Description: Filter paper impregnation coating plant basically  produce a complete range of filter paper (Air, Oil, & Fuel).
 This plant is basically for four section.
 1 Base paper coating unit.
 2 Base paper heating section .
 3 Corrogation and marking section.
 4 Re-winding section.
Filter paper Pleating Machine - Multipurpose
 Description : Dashmesh Accordian Pleater is of a variable  speed and gives pleats from 5mm to 50mm and give 3000-4000  pleats in an hour in single or double paper. It is fitted with  pre- heating table and after-pleating heater plus it also fitted  with  temperature control and mechanical counting device. It  comes  in three different models and is a production booster for  any  filter industry. Two to Twelve rolls can be pleated at the  same  time depending upon the width of the paper to be pleated.
 Particulars DI-PM-610 DI-PM-1000 DI-PM-1210
 Moter Power Connecting Load 1 H.P. 1 H.P. 1.5 H.P.
 Pre-Heating Table Connecting  Load 2 K.V. 2 K.V. 4 K.V.
 Bottom Plate Connecting Load 1 K.V. 1 K.V. 2 K.V.
 Top Plate Approximate  Working 1 K.V. 1 K.V. 2 K.V.
 Space in Centimeters 150 x 180 180 x 200 250 x300
 Weight 650 kgs. 850 kgs. 1250 kgs.
Spin on filters Seaming Machine
 High Speed with Rx
 Seaming Diameter of Filter: 2" to 5"
 Motor Power : 3 HP Motors
 Production: 300 Filter p/hr.
 Description: Automatic Seaming Machine for 'Spin-On Filters.  It Consists of a stand on which the filter housing is placed  alongwith the components in the filter. The Stand is then saved  with pneumatic pressure to help the filter fit into the cover head.  There after the seaming rollers Seam the filter in series making  the filter leakproof which then can with stand the pressure of  100 lbs. per square inch.
Curing Ovan
 Description: This curing oven is Conveyorised being used for  curring the filter paper directly from the pleating Machine & Paint  components & P.V.C. Adhesive bake. Length of Machine as per  requirement. All side Covered with glass wool 3" Thick with  C.R.C.A Sheet 18 S.W.G. 20 S.W.G
 Models DI/CO610 DI/CO1000 DI/CO1210
 Length 15ft 15ft 20ft
 Width 610mm 1000mm 1210mm
 Motor & R.D. Gears 1 H.P. 1 H.P. 1.5 H.P.
 Heater 24 K.W. 30 K.W. 371/2 K.W.
 Air Brake Contactor 4 Pcs. 5 Pcs. 6 Pcs.
 Thermostat 4 Pcs. 5 Pcs. 6 Pcs.
 Digital Heating Controller 2 2 2
P.V.C Adhesive Pre-curing Oven
 Model: DI/PVCAO/300mm/600mm/1000mm width
 Uses: This machine use for pre-curing the P.V.C Adhesive in  cap and filter paper.
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